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Know the Advantages of Timber Flooring for Home

By June 3, 2017Blogs

Choosing among the many flooring options for your home can be somewhat perplexing. While there are some traditional flooring alternatives, timber flooring gives your home a vintage elegance on top of being durable.

The good looks of wood age gracefully, just like a fine wine. It seems to look even better when it gets old, unlike other flooring options. Timber also brings a sense of warmth, unlike cold concrete floors for instance, making it a suitable choice for most rooms in your home.

Another advantage of going with timber flooring NZ option is its durability. A timber floor is resistant to water, fungus, insects, and other elements that might cause wear and tear in other flooring materials. You can get away with timber flooring for your bathroom even.

Timber flooring, although its costly to install, saves you a lot of money in the long run. It requires little to no maintenance, and it even adds to the value of your home. With Northshore timber floor for instance, you can sell your home well over its market price with little effort.

For the home keeper, timber floors are relatively easy to maintain and clean. Carpets often double up as breeding places for mildew, mites and mold which cause considerable discomfort for people with allergies. You don’t have to cover your timber floor with carpets, hence you don’t have to spend hours on end hunting for mites on your floor.

Talk to a wooden flooring Auckland expert and you’ll find even more advantages of using timber as your flooring material.