Engineered Hardwood Flooring

What is Power Dekor Three-Layer Engineered Hardwood Floors?

Power Dekor engineered hardwood floor is a product made up of a core of real wood and a top layer of 4mm hardwood veneer that is glued on the top surface of the core and is available in almost any hardwood species. The product thus has the natural characteristics of the selected wood species as opposed to a photographic layer. The “engineered” product has been designed to provide greater stability, particularly where moisture or heat pose problems for solid hardwood floors.

BENEFITS OF Engineered Hardwood Flooring.

  • Natural Characteristics of the selected wood species
  • Extra-strong floor lacquer gives a strong, durable surface but not disguise the wood’s luster
  • Finished with 4-6 layers of UVcured finish
  • Designed to provide the best climate stability
  • Fast and Easy to install, the patented Valinge system provides the strongest joint with no gaps
  • Environmentally Friendly and Safe. Our floor contains fewer chemicals and virtually no harmful chemical emissions.
  • Ideal for families with dust allergies
  • Free of wax maintenance and re-varnishing
  • Can be used with underfloor heating.
  • Comply with the international standards including ISO9001-Quality Management System, ISO 14001-Environment System, and FSC Certification.

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